Upgraded eventspace

This 50m by 10m event space was upgraded to hold hybrid events and meetings. Multiple microphones and additional cameras were installed on the ceiling. That way, the room was adequately equipped with audio and visual equipment.

VCS paid great attention to acoustics, so with few microphones on the ceilings, we were still able to ensure good coverage in terms of sound capacity!

This space is in a business center, so the audio and video system is used by multiple companies and adjusted according to the demand or set-up of the meeting.

VCS made sure that the room is multifunctional, and easily adaptable to multiple needs.

Bring your on device setup

The room is equipped with a BYOD setup, so everyone can connect their computer, smartphone or device during a meeting or conference to project or stream. MS Teams, Zoom, GoTo Meeting, Google Meet, Webex, Facebook Live, … everything is possible.

Mobile wall and self-steering cameras

The large room is divisible into 2 parts by a mobile wall. Each part has its BYOD setup and can also be used individually.

When the walls are open, all ceiling microphones and cameras are used together.

The cameras are automatically controlled depending on who is talking, they detect motion and sound themselves.

The Artificial intelligence controller continuously listens to the various ceiling microphones to determine which camera to select and move to which position.