Intelligent building management system

VCS is the exclusive distributor and implementation partner of a Building Management System The new reality of flexible working presents both facility and HR managers with new challenges. Who is at the office when? How do I calculate the real-life capacity of my workplaces and meeting rooms? How do I know which workplace my colleagues are working at today? How do I optimize the ecological footprint of our building? How do I control my HVAC?…

This building management system is an open platform that can detect up to 8 parameters (presence, CO2, temperature, light …) via sensors. The information is used to make real-time analyzes and adjust the HVAC. For example, by lowering the temperature in meeting rooms when you are absent, switching off the light, etc.

This system is an open and plug&play system that allows you to gradually make your building more intelligent. VCS has extensive experience as an AV partner of state-of-the-art offices in Belgium.

Video conferencing, signage, wayfinding, studio live and meeting space management are our core services. This software offers insight into various aspects of your building and makes adjustments where necessary. Measuring is knowing. To know is to take action and always in real time.

As an integrator , VCS offers a one-top-shop formula to upgrade office buildings to smart buildings. This makes buildings smarter, more hospitable, safer and more ecological.