Terms and conditions VCS Video & Conferencing Solutions NV/SA

Terms and conditions VCS Video & Conferencing Solutions NV/SA 1. Administrative costs: Orders under €1000 will be charged €50 administrative costs. The same for transport costs. 2. Delivery dates are always approximate. Failure to respect delivery dates cannot lead to the breaking of the agreement or to any claim for compensation or price reduction. 3. Ownership: All goods remain the property of the seller VCS till the moment of full payment of the invoice amount, interest and accompanying costs. The buyer shall be bound neither to mix the goods with other goods nor to transfer the goods until full payment has been made. An onward sale, before full payment has been complete, is only possible with the permission of VCS. The delivered object cannot be pledged nor be given in possession. The buyer is nevertheless fully responsible for our goods and is liable for any losses. All deliveries can be suspended in case of default. In case of non-payment of an amount due, a request for deferral, a decision to liquidate in case of death of the client, and in case of dissolution or termination of the purchasing company, we have the right to cancel the order or that part of it that is still to be delivered, and to recover that which has been delivered by us, if and when there are invoices for such remain open, as our property without prejudice to our rights to compensation for any loss or damage. 4. Payments and late payment interest: all our invoices are always payable in cash unless otherwise stipulated on the front. In case of non-payment on the due date, a late payment interest of 10% will be owed on the invoice amount by law and that will apply without any prior notice, this in deviation from Article 1146 Civil Code

5. Prices: our prices do not include tax. 6. Quotations: our offers are made without commitment and can be reviewed at any time except with a clearly marked statement to the contrary. 7. Delivery and risks: the delivery is deemed to be carried out on leaving our warehouse. The goods are always deemed to be transported at risk of the buyer/lessee, even if they are sent carriage paid. 8. Complaints and returns: Complaints other than those concerning hidden defects, will be not be accepted if the goods were handled, if the buyer executed any work on the goods unless approval in writing and in advance by our company was given, or if complaints were not brought to the attention of the seller in writing within 8 days after delivery. Secondly, the seller reserves the right to choose between the replacement for the justifiably rejected goods and a refund of the purchase price. 9. No goods may be returned without written consent from our company. Such permission does not entail any admission by the seller that the goods were defective or not in accordance. The goods returned, for whatever reason, are transported at the risk of the purchaser and shall be sent to our site carriage paid. 10. The courts of Leuven have jurisdiction in case of dispute. 11. Lease Period: goods are leased for a period of at least 1 day or a multiple thereof, unless otherwise agreed. The lease period begins on the first day of lease at the agreed time of delivery and continues until the last day of the lease agreement. Leased equipment must be delivered to the lessor by 10.00am at the latest on the day following the last day of the lease unless lessor intends to deviate from this by written contract or verbal agreement. 12. Delivery by lessee: the goods will be collected from, and returned to, the business address of lessor, unless expressly agreed by written or verbal agreement to the contrary, at the latest on the date specified in the lease. By the mere fact of non-delivery on that date, the lessee is in default without any warning or notice required and the lessee then, without prejudice to its other obligations to the lessor, owes the lessor compensation equal to the amount of rent he should pay for the period from the end of the lease until the day the equipment is returned, plus 20%. Lessee has no right to lease for a certain period with this stipulation. 13.Cancellation: cancellation of the leased goods must take place no later than 48 hours from the time when the lease comes into force, using a registered letter. In case of cancellation within the period provided the lessee owes compensation to the value of 50% of the agreed rent. If the reservation is cancelled less than 48 hours before the entry into force of the lease, the full rent due. 14. The lessee is strongly recommended to test the leased items before putting them into use. If during a lease period a complaint is not made about the failure or malfunction of the leased items within 24 hours after collection thereof and through a registered letter, no further complaints will be accepted and no refund of the rent can be demanded.

15. Insurance: Lessee is responsible for all damage to the leased items that occurs during the lease period, for any reason whatsoever. Lessor will however insure the leased items in favour of the lessee against loss and damage but not against damage caused by negligence, misuse, wilful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the lessee, for which the latter is liable. If the leased goods or parts thereof, through negligence, misuse, wilful misconduct or gross negligence on the part of the lessee is (are) damaged, lost entirely or irreparably damaged, in the first case, repair costs will be calculated against the normal current repair rates. In the two other instances, the lessee will owe the lessor a sum equal to the cost of purchasing replacement equipment and replacement costs. Lessor will in any case of payment in compensation by the lessor’s insurance charge the lessee any excess costs and other costs suffered.